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Since we only carry the freshest products, not all our items are available daily.
This is due to the season and weather.  
For your convenience, check availability by giving us a call. One of our customer care specialists will be more than glad to assist you.  954 983-6831
whole & Parts
  • Turkey all Natural

  • Organic Turkey​ (FROZEN)

  • Turkey Breast

  • Turkey Roll

  • Turkey cutlets 

  • Turkey Drumsticks 

  • Turkey Thigh

  • Turkey Legs (Thigh and Drumstick)

  • Turkey Wings (Small)

  • Turkey Wings (Regular)

  • Turkey Italian Style Sausage (Mild)

  • Turkey Italian Style Sausage (Hot)

  • Turkey Country Sausage (Loose)

ground turkey
  • Turkey Thigh (Ground)

  • Turkey Breast (Ground)

  • Gourmet Turkey Burger

other turkey parts
  • Turkey Backs

  • Turkey Gizzards

  • Turkey Necks

  • Turkey Livers

Cooked turkey 
  • Rotisserie Turkey

  • Rotisserie Turkey Breast

  • Rotisserie Turkey Roll (All White, All Dark, or Mixed)

  • Rotisserie Turkey Thigh

  • Rotisserie Turkey Drumsticks

  • Rotisserie Turkey Legs

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Unleash the Nutritional Power of Turkey!
Discover the exceptional nutritional value of turkey and embark on a culinary journey that nourishes both your body and your taste buds. From Thanksgiving feasts to everyday meals, turkey offers a delicious and nutrient-packed option that elevates your dining experience and supports your overall well-being.


Lean Protein Powerhouse:
Turkey is a fantastic source of lean protein, making it an excellent choice for muscle growth, repair, and maintenance.

Essential Nutrients:
Packed with essential nutrients like iron, zinc, and B vitamins, turkey offers a nutritional profile that promotes overall health and vitality. From supporting immune function to aiding in metabolism and energy production, turkey is a nutrient-rich superstar that fuels your body with the vital nutrients it needs to thrive.

Heart-Healthy Option:
Turkey is naturally low in fat, especially saturated fat, and cholesterol, making it a heart-healthy protein choice. Incorporating turkey into your diet can help support cardiovascular health, reduce the risk of heart disease, and maintain healthy cholesterol levels.


Energy Boost: Need a natural energy boost? Turkey has got you covered. It contains B vitamins, including niacin and vitamin B6, which play a crucial role in converting food into energy. Say goodbye to sluggishness and hello to sustained energy with the nutrient-dense goodness of turkey.

Nutrient-Dense Delight:
Turkey is not only delicious but also packed with vitamins and minerals that are essential for your overall well-being. From immune-boosting zinc to iron for healthy blood cells, turkey provides a wide range of nutrients to support your body's optimal functioning.

Culinary Versatility:
From juicy roasted turkey to savory turkey sandwiches, turkey offers endless culinary possibilities. Explore the versatility of turkey as you create mouthwatering dishes that satisfy your cravings and nourish your body with essential nutrients. Elevate your meals with the exceptional taste and nutritional value of turkey.

Whole and Parts
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