Our all-natural
antibiotic-free turkeys

hail from farms in Pennsylvania
and North Carolina

People have been flocking to Delaware for their fresh-dressed turkeys since 1951.

Turkey Parts


Turkey Breasts

For smaller gatherings, a Turkey Breast (weighing anywhere between 4 and 15 pounds) is a perfect fit!  We'll even crack the ribs and insert a timer for you!


Turkey Rolls

Delaware's Turkey Rolls are available as all-white meat, all-dark meat, or a combination of both.  They are hand-rolled and tied by our poultry experts and can weigh between 4 and 10 pounds.


Turkey Legs

A whole Turkey Leg consists of the drumstick and thigh.  A great way to cook them is to bake in a 350-degree oven while basting with herb butter. Delicious!


Turkey Thighs

Turkey thighs are perfect if there are only two of you for dinner.  They cook up in less than an hour, making them way less of a hassle than cooking an entire bird.


Turkey Drumsticks

A favorite among Renaissance Festival-goers, Turkey Drumsticks are great year-round, whether you like them roasted, slow-cooked, or even cooked in an air fryer.


Turkey Wings

Often overlooked, Turkey Wings are packed with protein - 28 grams per 100 grams of meat!  Whether you like them braised or baked, turkey wings make for a tasty main course.

More Parts

Turkey Necks

In addition to being a delicious way to make turkey gravies and stocks, turkey necks can also be used as a flavoring agent for beans and greens. 

Turkey Tails

Popular at Thanksgiving, Turkey Tails (aka The Parson’s Nose, Turkey Butts, The-Part-That-Goes-Over-the-Fence-Last) are great roasted by themselves.

Turkey Backs

Turkey Backs are perfect for creating savory stock for soups, as well as that rich turkey gravy at Thanksgiving dinner. 

Turkey Giblet Pack

Traditionally used in giblet gravy, Delaware’s Turkey Giblet Pack includes 1 gizzard, 1 heart and 1 liver.  These are great for gravies and stock, but you can also enjoy them on their own. 


  • Delaware’s Homemade Turkey Gravy 

  • Delaware’s Turkey Brine Mix 

  • Delaware’s Turkey Broth 

  • Creamy Mashed Potatoes 

  • Cranberry Sauce 

  • Creamed Spinach

  • Smoked Fish Dip

  • Smoked Salmon Dip

Other Popular Items


Standing Rib Roast

A staple of many holiday dinners, the Rib Roast can be found between the chuck and short loin portion of the steer.  We offer standing rib roasts with a few as 3 ribs and as many as 7.


Filet Mignon

Filet Mignon is cut from the tenderloin, a little-used muscle nestled just under the ribs.   Pan seared in butter and wrapped in bacon, this tender succulent cut literally melts in your mouth.  Our 8-ounce steaks are cut from the finest Choice Angus Beef.


Boneless Ribeye

This delectable cut has abundant marbling throughout, giving it a juicy, succulent flavor.   Cook it on the grill or under a broiler, add a little butter and some aromatics - delicious!


Beef Tenderloin

Our Beef Tenderloin is the most tender cut of beef you can find.  This cut is the star in both Chateaubriand and Beef Wellington, and is considered the gold standard in beef.


Rack of Lamb

Make your holiday dinner special by roasting a succulent rack of lamb from Delaware.  We procure our lamb products from both domestic and international sources.


Lamb Chops

Often when you see a lamb chop, it is "French-trimmed", meaning that the meat nearest the end is trimmed, giving it a "lollipop" look. Delaware sells lamb products that are both domestic and imported from Australia. 

Feast of the 7 Fishes

There are many theories as to the origin and significance of the 7 seafood items in this time-honored Italian meal served on Christmas Eve.  While there are no definite rules as to the exact fish or seafood items served in this meal, here are the items that we’ve found to be popular with our customers:



A popular fish to serve as part of the Feast of the 7 Fishes, Bacalao is dried and salted cod.  Bacalao should be soaked and rinsed several times to remove excess salt and to rehydrate the fish.



Branzini is used extensively in Italian cuisine, and is, in fact, a very popular addition to the traditional Feast of the 7 Fishes served on Christmas eve.  Branzini is one of our more popular fishes here at Delaware.



The origins of everyone's favorite appetizer can be traced back to the Mediterranean and Southern Europe.  While the most popular form in America is deep-fried, Calamari can also be tossed in a salad or stewed in a robust tomato sauce.  It is a favorite part of the Feast of the 7 Fishes.



Part of the Flatfish family that includes Halibut and Grey Sole, Flounder's meat is firm but flaky with a mild and slightly sweet taste.  Most people like to dredge flounder fillets in flour and pan-fry them in a little olive oil.



This versatile bivalve can be found in waters throughout the world, and is easier to prepare than you think.  Mussels can be sauteed in white wine, served atop a bed of linguini, or included in a hearty Cioppino.



Depending on their size, scallops can be stewed in a chowder, tossed in a salad or served on their own, seared in a butter sauce.  Some people soak their scallops in milk, believing that this helps tenderize the meat and alleviate any fishy taste or smell.  Delaware sells Bay Scallops, Sea Scallops and Diver Scallops.



Dolphin (aka Mahi – not to be confused with the marine mammal) are found throughout the Caribbean, Atlantic Ocean, and the Gulf of Mexico.  Mahi can be tossed on the grill, pan-seared or broiled for a tender juicy fillet that's out of this world!


Stone Crab Claws

Season:  October 15 through May 1  Who doesn't love a succulent Stone Crab Claw dipped in butter or a tangy mustard sauce?  Every season, fishermen harvest the claws, then return the crabs to the ocean to re-grow new ones. Delaware only deals with local fishermen who comply with regulations set by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.


Q:  How do I place an order?

A:  When you’re ready to place your order, simply give us a call at (954) 983-6831.  We’ll walk you through the ordering process.


Q:  What size turkey do I need?

A:  To determine the size turkey figure out how many people you will be feeding.  For whole turkeys, you will need 1 lb. per person if you don’t want leftovers.  If you do want leftovers, figure 1 ½ lbs. per person.


Q:  When is the last day to order for the Holidays?

A:  The last day to place your order for Christmas is Monday, Dec. 20th.  The last day to order for New Year’s Eve is Monday, Dec. 27th.  The last day to pick up cooked items is Tuesday, Dec. 21st.


Q:  What if I don’t want a whole turkey?

A:  Not to worry – we also offer turkey breasts, which range from 5 to 10 lbs., and turkey rolls, which range from 3 to 10 lbs.