CAVIAR - Russian Beluga, Osettra, Servuga or Salmon, Alaskan


Our fresh Beluga, Osetra & Sevruga "Malossol" caviar is of the finest quality available in the world, and remarkably affordable.

SMOKED WHITEFISH – (Lake Superior) – ( high in omega 3 ) Found in lakes and streams throughout North America the whitefish is high fat, mild-flavored flesh is firm and white. smoked whitefish can be found year-round and are generally marketed whole from 11/2 to 2 pounds

SMOKED CHUBS – similar to the smoked whitefish. Can be found year-round and are generally weigh about a half a pound each




CALAMARI (Squid) – Squid can be eaten raw, pan-fried, baked, stewed, stir-fried or battered and deep-fried (the calamari which most of us are familiar with). Cooking time should be closely watched as squid turn rubbery and too chewy when overcooked. The ink of squid are also used to color pasta or used in a sauce to accompany seafood. 

FLORIDA ALLIGATOR – Alligator meat is usually only available in its native regions. It comes in two basic types: the tender, white, veal like tail meat; the pinkish body meat

PULPO (Octopus) – It can be eaten raw, deep fried, stewed, boiled and pickled. Japanese methods call for a vigorous rubbing with salt, then boiling until it turns white. With older and larger octopus, a longer cooking process is recommended to tenderize the octopus; boiling for as long as two hours is not unheard of. Baby octopus are cooked whole for a much shorter amount of time.

FROG LEGS – The delicate meat is tender and lightly sweet and can

be most closely compared to the white meat of a very young chicken.

Fresh frog’s legs can be found from spring through summer in the fish

section. They’re usually sold in connected pairs ranging from

2 to 8 ounces. Look for those that are plump and slightly pink.

Store, loosely wrapped, in the refrigerator for up to 2 days. Frozen

frog’s legs can usually be purchased year-round, though the flavor

doesn’t compare to fresh. Thaw in the refrigerator overnight before

cooking. Because their flavor is so subtle, frog’s legs should be

cooked simply and briefly. A quick dusting of seasoned flour before

sautéing in butter or olive oil will gild the lily perfectly.

Overcooking frog’s legs will cause them to toughen.

"OUR FAMOUS” SMOKED FISH DIP – Prepared daily in our store Great for appetizers

SMOKED SEAFOOD – Marlin, Whitefish, Chubs,

SALMON – (Norwegian, Scottish, Gravlox, Nova)